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享受東京Live House!!

盡情享受東京live house的熱情與音樂衝擊! 詳細地說明 請按這裡



Hello Pop is a website that introduces people to Japanese independent music!!

In Tokyo there are so many existing bands. Tokyo bands are so rich in variety and diversity, there are so many great bands that there are literally good musical events held every night. Tokyo also has record and musical instrument stores in abundance where it’s possible to find all sorts of rare objects. Tokyo is known to be a fascinating place for people who love music. I created this website because I want people from around the world that love music to know more about Independent music in Tokyo. I want to make this information available in other languages besides Japanese such as English, Chinese and sometimes Korean. From now on I will gradually interview people who are related to independent music in Tokyo such as band members, people involved in music venues and record labels and upload blogs about events in a way that is easy to understand for foreigners. This website can introduce and help people find good music!


I want to know more about what foreigners from around the world are interested about in regards to independent music in Japan. So please give me your opinion on what you want to see in this website, such as wanting to know about a particular band or particular music venues information, anything is ok!


In regards to foreign media, if you want any information in regards to independent music in Tokyo such as written info or live footage please contact me!



Introduction of website Manager  Takayoshi Sugimoto

In 1990, I was involved in a Kyoto based power pop band called Siccaroll-Hi as the lead singer and Guitarist. In 2000 we broke up and I became distant from music. From 2007 to 2009 I took a position in a Chinese company and lived in china. In 2013, I decided to reform siccaroll-hi and have been writing all the new song in Chinese (Good or bad the melodies being similar to when we first started). In 2014, I plan to start serves that will break the barriers which stop foreigners from experiencing independent music in Tokyo and enable foreigners to communicate with Japanese independent band member and music lovers.

This is a photo that was taken with Doraemon museum. 

↑Siccaroll-Hi SoundCloud

Siccaroll-Hi Facebook・Twitter


This post is also available in:別的語言:別の言語: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese

享受東京Live House!!

盡情享受東京live house的熱情與音樂衝擊! 詳細地說明 請按這裡
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